Success Stories

Hundreds of satisfied customers give us a reason to continue innovating. Thank you for your trust.

raining and Consulting for the AT&T group

For many years, serem consultants were responsible for the entire computer training, consulting and problem-solving programme for AT&T Microelectrónica España. They cooperated with customer specialists to design the training programmes. In addition, serem Business Consultancy provided extended training programmes to other companies in the group: AT&T Network Systems, AT&T Global Information Solutions and AT&T España.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Excellence Centre

serem has been part of the “Santa Cruz de Tenerife Excellence Centre” project since its establishment, along with its customer, AtoS Consulting Canarias. The Centre offers multilingual and multi-disciplinary support to clients all over Europe. Currently, serem has a large team of people involved in the project who provide support services for every possible schedule and in the widest range of EU languages, from Portuguese to Danish, Swedish and Dutch.

Selection of IT Project Managers for the Bank of Spain

At the request of its customer, the Bank of Spain, a team of serem HR Recruitment specialists carried out a consultancy aimed at preselecting candidates with a profile that was required to meet very strict criteria in terms of training and professional experience. Our consultants implemented and followed a special work method and delivered results that entirely satisfied our customer.

Artificial Vision

A team of serem engineers worked for years with customer specialists to develop and implement, on an international level, a machine that uses an artificial vision system to reduce time and costs in the pallet inspection process, therefore increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process. Our technicians played an active role in the entire design, hardware and software development, testing and start-up process.

RED.ES Testing Laboratory

Over a decade ago, serem technicians and project leaders designed the processes and methodology and launched a Laboratory for the Public Business Entity RED.ES. The purpose of the lab was to test computers, printers, wireless access points and other hardware and software that manufacturers were offering as tender for projects, such as Rural Internet or Internet in Classrooms, which at the time constituted a revolution in Internet connection in Spain.

Overall implementation of a ticket management tool for UNED

In March 2011, a team of serem consultants tackled the project of redesigning all the processes of the UNED User Support Centre from scratch, to implement new and more efficient ticketing and business intelligence tools. Netsupport Service Desk and Qlik View were the tools selected, because they are powerful, as well as easy to implement and use.
In November of the same year, the CAU CTU at UNED successfully went into production.

CAU Crédito y Caución

With its customer AtoS, serem implemented a multi-disciplinary and multi-language End User Support Centre for the company Crédito y Caución, which specialises in Credit Insurance.   This Centre provided multilingual economic, financial and legal support to users of Crédito y Caución. Our team consisted of computer experts, economists and lawyers.

The project included technical support for the software used at CAU and special training for the entire team on how to handle and configure the software.

Specialised training with the Construction Labour Foundation

For many years serem has collaborated strategically with the Construction Labour Foundation, designing, managing and delivering hundreds of training actions specialising in architecture and civil engineering to employees of companies in this sector, as well as actively cooperating in the presentation and introduction of new software products and in the policy of promoting its services among companies belonging to the construction sector.

Implementation of SAP for EMEA

Consultants and Projects Managers from serem played an important part in managing, planning and developing the SAP implementation process for EMEA through its customer CHEP. Throughout the entire project development period, the serem consultants and project managers travelled to Spain, Portugal and Italy to review the infrastructure and coordinate and prepare for implementing SAP with the customer’s technicians. Then they trained the teams.

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