The advantages of working for serem

Why is serem a good place to work?

The growth of our business is linked to the continuing growth of our biggest asset, You.

Experience and scope. We are a modern company, with over 20 years’ experience and more than 450 employees all over Spain, with offices in major Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Because we are committed to your future. Since the company was founded, we have wanted our professionals to identify us and we therefore work on values such as equality, fair treatment, dialogue, transparency, commitment and camaraderie.  We are much more flexible and at times the needs of the business permit our professionals to be involved in more than one area, which increases your experience and allows you to develop new skills.

Because we work as a team, our management team is in direct, daily contact with all our professionals, listening to their concerns and seeking the best performance from our teams. This makes it simpler for us to appreciate talent, which leads to more opportunities for growth.

Because of our social responsibility. Working with the disabled, complying with human rights and caring for the environment are the pillars of a commitment that we share with all our team members.  We want to have a good working atmosphere, with closer relationships and a strong sense of belonging on behalf of all our professionals.

Because of the ease and flexibility. We propose that you work according to objectives. If you think that it is easier to work from home, this is not a problem for us as long as the objectives are met. Every day, every week, everyone has objectives to meet. These objectives are related to your profile (junior, senior, expert, etc.). Come and get to know us. Our team, which is known for its professional and personal quality, is waiting to guide you and offer you an attractive, satisfactory and enriching professional activity, in which you will help us daily make our customers want to continue to form part of who we are.

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