ServiceNow Maintenance

Because of its ServiceNowMaintenance Center,serem will improve the quality and lower the costs of your application development and maintenance. To do this, we base our strategy on the following pillars: DevOps methodology and a highly experienced team.

The ServiceNow Maintenance Center is a service that has optimised and industrialised the application creation and maintenance processes using the following features:

DevOps Methodology

serem specialises in the Agile and DevOps methodologies. Today, DevOps is the most effective methodology for managing development programmes because it cuts project time, improves the quality of the outcomes and makes change management easier.

  • To successfully carry out development projects, we break down the project into small, specific functionality units that we call WorkGroups (WG), which we unfold swiftly.
  • This gradual unfolding makes new functionalities available as soon as possible and also involves the entire organisation right from the beginning: the project team, testers and end-users.

A certified, experienced team

  • serem has over 300 employees who are experts in many technologies and an HR Department with more than 10 people devoted to seeking new profiles. Its employees are trained and certified.

Automating development and maintenance processes

  • For each type of activity, the workflow is different and industrialised.

ServiceNow evolution and maintenance

  • With ServiceNow, we work with service models, at fixed prices, and based on a catalogue of services.


To establish a lasting relationship with our customers and become not just a simple supplier but above all else, a partner who seeks a win-win relationship. Flexibility, Speed, Ability to Adapt, Innovation, Quality, Honesty and Commitment are the key points of the serem Consultoría Empresarial business philosophy.

Over many years of collaboration, serem has stood out due to its dedication and professionalism in the area of Workplace Risk Coordination and Prevention, as well as in complying with the action standards of our installations.

Mar Robledo

Since we first started working together, I have found them to be a serious company that focuses on customer satisfaction, which has adapted to the needs and changes that continually arise and has the commitment required to tackle new challenges and projects.

Bruno Sanz

The best assets that serem has as a service provider are its speed and flexibility when managing changes, its professionals’ ability to respond and the wide range of services that it provides to customers.

Pedro Tamayo

serem plays a key role in our big CAU transformation project, as it offers us excellent analytical, programming and maintenance solutions in order to impeccably automate our control systems.

Ignacio Tamargo

The services that serem provides us with have contributed a great deal to our company’s search for “Excellence in Management”. They help us to cut down considerably on tedious, repetitive daily tasks by creating automated analysis models.

José Calvo

Throughout the whole time spent working with serem, the company has always been outstanding for its flexibility in adapting to the needs of the business, knowledge of IT issues and the quality of its professionals.

Juan Zamakona

serem has always been a supplier with a great ability to adapt its management model and its resources to projects of any size, and it is able to implement them for customers in any sector.

Consuelo González

Serem’s equipment and service management, as well as its training and adapting to new technologies are outstanding. Dynamic, with a good work method and a great ability to respond to the needs of the services that we require.

Miguel Reygondaud

serem has always responded to our needs with its experience, demonstrating the highest level of professionalism, technical ability and integrity. They stand out on the market and are able to support customers in all their IT projects.

Pedro Navas

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