Training Plan for Raising Awareness of Cybersecurity: serem Kaspersky Security Awareness

The most efficient way of designing a cybersecure culture in your organization


More than 80 % of cyber incidents are due to human error. Companies spend millions on recovering from incidents relating to their staff. However, traditional training programs don’t usually succeed in achieving the desired changes in behavior and motivation.

At serem, as a Kaspersky partner, we have introduced a family of cybersecurity training products that use the latest learning techniques and deal with all levels of the corporate structure, with proven effectiveness.


An approach that delivers results


Up to 90% reduction in the total number of incidents


At least 50% less economic impact as a result of incidents


Up to 93% probability that the knowledge will be applied in day-to-day work


Around 86% of participants would recommend the program

Do you want to set up a powerful, continuous, assessable training plan in relation to security?

Request further information on the serem Kaspersky Security Awareness Platform and our assessors will get in touch with you to show you all the options. You can also request a free trial with no commitment.