Social Commitment

serem Corporate Consulting considers social commitment to society an inextricable part of its identity.

Cruz Roja - Cáritas - Unicef - Aldeas Infantiles SOS

The UN Global Compact is an international initiative that promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.

The United Nations sees companies not merely as generators of wealth, but also as agents of development that can positively to impact and change how business is done and improve the well-being of society at large.

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As a company, our mission is not only to generate wealth. We also consider it our mission to promote development and bring about a positive change in society.

For this reason, we support associations such as the Leganés School of Students or the Sport and Challenge Foundation.

We also support well-known organizations such as: UNICEF, Spanish Red Cross, Cáritas Madrid or Aldeas Infantiles SOS Spain.

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